Friday, February 12, 2010


I can't believe they didn't consult anyone who can spell before putting this up on Kingston.

On the topic of Tznius, I know it's old news, but remember a few weeks ago there was that Tznius Campaign business? made them out to be terrorists? There were petitions people were signing saying they wouldn't go to a store if there weren't only tznius workers? The store owners were signing petitions saying they wouldn't allow anyone who wasn't tznius to enter their stores? Really funny comments? Any of this ring a bell?
Okay, well that last one can't help you remember because all of the comments on or COL are normally laughable and pathetic. And the second to last one I think I may have made up.
Anyway, here's one comment I liked:
tuck your shirts in and comb your hair wrote:

"I am gathering a petition to have all the guys in crown heights tuck their shirts in, comb their hair and generally make me less nautious...

It must be against the torah to dress like a slob! This tznius campaign is all one sided."