Friday, February 12, 2010

Questions for Discussion

I was pretty preoccupied this week, studying for a test I didn't take. I didn't learn a whole slew of sichas this week. Just two for purim, and one from mishpatim about the possuk "Lo s'vashel g'di bchalev emo"- the very source for the prohibition of Basar B'chalav, what I'm learning for smicha at the moment.
I won't bore you with nitty gritty details of the halachos. Instead, I'll simplify it all for you in a quote from everyone's favorite song: "...'cause we will never, ever, ever, mix milk and meat together! So come on, and sing the Kosher Song! Bada badadadada! Uptown, downtown..."

I can't very well review the sichas for purim, since it's not even Adar yet. You'll have to wait for the week before purim if you want to hear any divrei Torah on that topic.

So if you must have something from this blog to discuss at the Shabbos table this evening or tomorrow, and you've already completely covered this fascinating topic, I compiled some chatt-able and conversational questions:

  1. Do you think Bilaam's donkey had Eddie Murphy's voice?
  2. Why do we get the urge to hug anyone we see who's wearing a sweater?
  3. Were you really that stunned or surprised when Iran's 'big announcement' was that they were a nuclear state?
  4. Why as kids did we think it fun to say, "Think fast!" and chuck a baseball at someone?
  5. What tzedaka do you think R' Meir Ba'al HaNeis gave to when he wanted to find something he lost?
  6. If Future Sam came back ten years and visited Present Sam, and someone then killed Present Sam, would Future Sam disappear, or continue to exist in this Present?