Monday, February 15, 2010

Proofs In Nigleh

I never got around to answering the quiz question I asked a while ago.
The questions were: Where do we find in nigleh sources for the often-brought ideas in Chassidus for A) Moach Shalit Al HaLev, and B) Hashgacha Pratis?

A) Moach shalit al halev can be seen through the halacha about a soldier going out to battle. There are many disqualifications for a Jewish soldier. One of these is fear. Someone who will become fearful during battle may not take part. How could it possibly be possible to not be afraid during wartime?!!! The Rambam explains how this can be achieved. One must remove all thoughts from his head about his wife, family, house, etc., and concentrate only on doing the will of G-d... This is the idea of the mind controlling the heart.

B) Hashgacha Pratis can be seen in the gemara's interpretation of the possuk, "Umishpatecha Tehoim Rabah"- Your judgment reaches the great deep [of the ocean]. The gemara says that the fish which a bird will eat has been destined from Above to be killed, for whatever reason. So we see that Hashem cares for, guides, and directs all living things on an extremely specific level.