Monday, February 1, 2010

Picks for Yisro

Before I begin, I want to begin with (huh?) a story from when I was a bochur in Pittsburgh. R' Choni Friedman was farbrenging with us Shabbos Yisro, and his three year old son came into the room. The boy related how his Morah said the parsha was Yisro, but he told her she was wrong; it's Yisroy. (Because that's how we pronounce it...) Then when R' Friedman asked what happened when Yisroy came and met with Moshe, his son answered that they sat down and farbrenged together!

Anyway, here are my sicha picks:

Hebrew Sicha: Lamed Vov, sicha Beis (page 90)- It's about Kibbud Av V'Em. I heard from my sister that some girls like to skip brackets while learning a sicha. I would discourage that method bch'lal (there's no good place for my apostrophe there, huh?), and especially for this sicha. In the second set of brackets, the Rebbe discusses how Gentiles are able to give birth. (If you're interested in a dissertation, I once wrote up a Ha'arah regarding this point. The Rebbe Rashab famously wrote and then took out of the final draft of a ma'amer how goyim really should have bodies like animals, if not for Bechira. The Rebbe in another sicha explains this for things like the heat in the summer, and the existence of gold... But here in this sicha, the Rebbe describes the reason for Bechira differently... Anywho.)

Yiddish Sicha: Chof Aleph, sicha aleph, about Vayichan Sham Yisroel Neged HaHar*. If memory serves, the Rebbe makes a distinction between what unites goyim, and what unites the Jewish People. Very powerful sicha.

*I am doomed that whenever I say or even think the words Vayichan Sham Yisroel Neged HaHar, the song with the same name by Shoime Dachs starts to play in my head. Seriously, every single time. It's not a blessing. Only a curse.