Sunday, February 28, 2010

Achashverosh's Party

I just got back from Achashverosh's Party. I mean the Crown Heights Lipa Bash. Whichever.
It was quite fun. I was a little disappointed when I saw The Lipa, though. On the thousands of posters in 770 on Shabbos, I noticed that Lipa was wearing those pinkish orange-ish glasses. I pointed them out to a friend, and reminded him that COL had written a story a while ago when Lipa picked those glasses out, right here, in our very own Shchuneh. So imagine my shock when Lipa tonight was wearing a different pair of glasses!!! I'm still not sure who I'm upset at more: Lipa, or COL for not updating the Lubavitch World on Lipa's spectacles.
Speaking of spectacles, there were some fun looking costumes at the Party. (I wasn't going to speak about the costumes, but I wanted to be able to say, "Speaking of spectacles", and that was the only connection I could find.)
Working backwards, before The Party, I read the megillah a few times at a Chabad House nearby. They had a beer tasting party, but this one Israeli dude must have started before all of us, because he was really tipsy. He started harassing me on the way I read the megillah. I didn't read it for people to understand the story, he said. I must not have understood it myself. When I assured him I understood every word I read (I purposely did not bring up the subject of how there is one word in the megillah which we do not know the translation of: achashdarpan, as in: achashdarpanei haMelech...), he told me that if I wanted to tell the story, I should have read the megillah in a tune as one would read a childrens' book. "And then Haman went to the store! And you know what else, kids??" You know, going higher and lower, keeping people interested. I tried explaining that I had to read according to the trup, and I couldn't make up cutesy storybookish tunes. My words fell on drunk deaf ears.

Next up, tomorrow I'll IY"H be going back to lein a few more times, in the afternoon. Until then, I might walk around a shtickel, looking for invalids and elderly who might need to hear megillah. Of course, they probably wouldn't be just sitting in the middle of a sidewalk for me to come across them, but you never know.

Ooooh. I forgot. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't been around the internet in the past eight years, but Shmais has their customary Purim Articles up throughout the weekend. I won't tell you which ones are mine, but I think four things I wrote with a friend are up there. If you've read them all, and didn't find any very funny, I'm with you.