Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yossi @ Gmail

I need a last name for this post, so it will be Shminkelstein.

I only jumped on the Gmail bandwagon after it became mainstream. Perhaps if I had been invited... ahem. Don't worry, I don't hold any grudges against you Gmailers from four years ago.

Anywho, I never took the gmail account of I had other accounts I was using, and never got around to taking my full name.

Last year, a fellow shliach and former friend (you'll soon see why) thought this was stupid of me, and proceeded to create for himself a account! I was upset, but he was adamant about teaching me a lesson. I'm not sure what the lesson was...
The problem was, that he forgot the password he used, and so a few months ago I decided to try and figure out the password to his/my account. He had somehow not linked it to another account, so we couldn't just send the password to a different email.

It came to pass (the lashon used when bad things happen...) that my former friend realized he had spelled my name wrong, even. So if he didn't make YossiShminkelstein, then who did?

I was nervous to just email this mysterious YossiShminkelstein, but a fellow blogger and new friend (see how easy it is for me to just dump friends and make new ones? One little bad move, and you're outta here!) pushed me to email him. After reading a funny draft that this blogger forwarded to me, to use as my own email to my Gmail twin, I wrote instead a simple email:

Hi. My name is yossi shminkelstein, and I noticed this gmail account was already taken, by you.
I always wondered if there was another yossi shminkelstein out there... In case your name isn't yossi, would you mind if I had your email instead? this date I have received no response.

Will this evil twin of mine finally step forward and duel me for our gmail rights? Or will he retreat back to his online lair of malevolence?