Sunday, January 24, 2010

Proofs from Nigleh YossiQuiz

Okay, so chassidus puts forth many different ideas on various topics. Almost all can be proven from Nigleh, as well.

The Questions:
  1. What is the proof in Nigleh (revealed Torah. Like gemara, shulchan aruch, mishna, tanach...) for the concept of: Moach Shalit Al HaLev, which means 'the mind controls the heart'?
  2. What is the proof in Nigleh for the idea of Hashgacha Protis that the Ba'al Shem Tov taught, how every single little creature and creation on this world has a specific purpose and Hashem directly is involved with their every move?
The YossiPoints:
  • 250 YossiPoints for the answer to either question, and 600 if you can answer both!
  • 50 FOLLOWER BONUS YossiPoints
  • 3 YossiPoints for every true compliment you can give yourself. Limit six per customer.
The Last Words:
'Good luck!'