Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My life-changing and earth-shattering discovery about falafel

Yesterday the Yeshiva served falafel.

A friend of mine commented, "Mmmm. This is good falafel."

Really? I thought. I don't think it's that great. I couldn't remember tasting anything better, though.

Then it hit me:

This whole time, for over 21 years that I've existed, I always thought that I've never eaten good-tasting falafel. 'Eh' was always what I thought.
But yesterday, it occurred to me: I don't like falafel!!!
It's not that I like falafel, but I've never tasted good ones. Rather, I don't like falafel, which is why I never liked what I tasted. So even yesterday's "good" falafel in the eyes of my fellow eaters, wasn't so good in my eyes!! But it was indeed good, I just don't like eating falafel!!

This caused a huge upheavel in everything I once thought sacred, and caused me to reexamine my whole life.
Of course, I shared this revelation with the bochurim during today's lunch.
Their wide-eyed stares, gaping mouths and shaking of their heads just proved the sheer magnitude of my findings.