Sunday, January 10, 2010

A letter from AJewishStar to me

Here's an email I received before Shabbos from AJewishStar:
Some names have been changed to preserve privacy.

Dear Yossi Shminkelstein,

We regret to inform you that both the producers of A Jewish Star and COL Live, in a unanimous decision, have decided not to allow your audition tape as an official entry. Your video will not be made available to the general viewing public. You will not be given the chance along with the other contestants to be voted upon for the right to sing with Avraham Fried in the Soul II Soul concert.

We do not believe this comes as a shock to you, especially regarding the content of your email dated 19 Teves. Your last correspondence proved your immaturity and insincerity as to your motives for participating in A Jewish Star.

As previously mentioned, "And the mess grew bigger" by Uncle Moishe is not an acceptable niggun. Among the rules clearly stated on our website: You must sing and submit a recognizable Chabad Niggun.

Furthermore, it is clear to any of us who watched your video that you lack any professional talent in the musical field.

This must not come as a surprise to you. Nobody could have fooled you into thinking this long that you actually have a good enough voice to make it anywhere in life.

Therefore, we must assume you submitted the video purely to make a mockery of A Jewish Star, Soul II Soul, COl Live, Avraham Fried, Itzchak Bondarev-Dobruskin, and Noach Reshef.

Tickets to the Soul II Soul concert will be available for purchase at Judaica World.

Please do not waste our time with any more correspondence.


A little harsh of them, don't you think??