Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Goat

This past summer in Manalapan, one of our vehicles was dubbed "The Boat". This was a real clunker owned by the Chazanows, and lent to the counselors. It was called The Boat because it was big, clunky, blue, an Oldsmobile, and had terrible steering and handling.
The air conditioner didn't work and the windows couldn't open (or if you did manage it, they wouldn't close. Normally in times of rain.) Every time I rode or drove in The Boat, I sweated profusely, and since I was exhausted from the day, I would fall asleep (pass out would be a better word to describe it, perhaps), wake up and roll out of the car feeling like I came out of hell.

Anyway, over Chanuka I went on mivtzoim for R' Chazanow's son-in-law, and we were not given The Boat. The Boat had died after the summer, after hitting a deer. When I heard the news, I must be honest that I shed no tears. The car we did get was almost as bad as The Boat. The windows worked, as did the heating (it was the winter. We didn't care if the A/C worked or not), but the stench inside the car was horrendous.

Wanting to preserve the few fond memories we had with The Boat, we decided to name this new car The Goat. (Because it rhymes, and goats smell. Duh.)