Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chelek Vov

Those are the two magic words, boys and girls. "Chelek Vov."
It's a great sicha about Yud Shvat. In a nutshell:

The Frideiker Rebbe's two main parts to his Avoda were:
To spread Torah, and specifically chassidus, to every single place in the world, and
To encourage everyone to do their own Avoda in a way of Zrizus, diligence. Don't push it off.

These two themes can be seen in the two medrashim which are brought in the beginning and end of the Ma'amer that the Freidiker Rebbe gave out for his Yahrtzeit, "Basi L'Gani".

Basically, the Rebbe in this sicha explains how each medrash is connected with one of the two parts of the Freidiker Rebbe's Avoda.

The bulk of the sicha, though (and it's a short sicha), is dealing with the claims of the Yetzer Hara. Some of the twisted thoughts he tries stuffing in our head:
  • The world as we see it is full of Evil. It is full of Klippos. Since Hashem is All-powerful, and obviously nothing can be done without His rule, then this is how Hashem intends for the world to be. How can we, mere mortal men, even think we have the power to change this world?
  • If our bodies used to be dirt, and will return to dirt, then what is the point on working to refine ourselves? We're just going to end up being worm-food, anyway!
  • If Hashem is planning to bring Moshiach, then obviously Moshiach is coming (see how chassidish our Yetzer Hara is?). Why is it so important we put a rush on things, and put everything else aside, just to do as much Torah and Mitzvos as possible? Either way, Moshiach is coming. Let someone else bring Jews to Yiddishkeit. I'll stay home and play with my children.
Some good questions, huh?

The Rebbe answers all of these with a new way of looking at what it means 'to make this world a Dirah B'Tachtonim'.

We are not making this world into a Dwelling Place for G-d. This is a Dwelling Place for G-d. We just have to reveal it. The world is really a holy world filled with Kedusha. We are really holy people, filled with Kedusha. Even our bodies have G-d's Essence embedded in them. The Passuk says "Uvanu Vacharta", referring to our physical bodies as well, Hashem chose.
This that the world looks like a world of Evil, and this that our bodies decay after death, is only something exterior to the truth.

Anyway, make sure to learn it for yourself. Chelek Vov, sicha for Yud Shvat!