Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I saw Matisyahu today in 770. I'm not normally there for shacharis, so that was cool.
I see TRS frequently, and it's always nice to meet him.
And last night at Beis Rivkah, I saw: BENNY FRIEDMAN!!!! Since I've never told you my Benny Friedman story, I guess now is a good time:

A few months ago, late at night, I was crossing Eastern Parkway. Oh, and I was minding my own business. Ahead of me were two fellows, one of which looked (from the back) a lot like The Benny.

In a really high and bewildered voice, I cry out, "Benny Friedman???!"
Lo and behold, The Benny turns around, gives me a look, and continues walking away from me.

I was stunned. When I reached the other side of the street, I see The Benny was there. As he shook my hand, he explained, "Sorry. I'm not allowed to be seen in the middle of the street anymore!"
Get it? Because of all the stupid feeback he got about his CD cover?? So The Benny on the spot, made up a funny joke, just for me! For me!