Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vayechi Quiz

In the last parsha of Beraishis, Yaakov blesses his sons. Before getting to his sons, he first sees his two grandsons, Menashe and Efraim. Menashe is the oldest, but Yaakov insists on placing his right hand on Efraim, to give him the better blessing. Efraim's descendents will become greater than Menashe's.

The Question: Yaakov is right now giving the blessings. Why couldn't he just give Menashe the better bracha and cause Menashe's descendents to become greater!!??

The Points: If you give me the correct answer, I'll reward you with 300 YossiPoints!!!
Bonus Points: Any Follower who comments will automatically receive 50 YossiPoints!!
Hint: This isn't my question. The Rebbe asks this question, but I didn't see it in any sicha on parshas Vayechi.

That's it. Good luck.