Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So little to write, too bad for yall

Oftentimes, I'll be awake in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes coming back from a farbrengen. Other times, just staying up and wasting time online.
Either way, but especially the former, when I've had some l'chaim, I feel the desire to post something. Anything.
Which is pretty unfortunate for yall, sorry to say.
For instance, you have to read this very post (or introduction to a post, if I ever get past it to a post of substance (abuse!!)- I couldn't resist. Sorry.).

Oh, it's not like I have nothing to tell you about (it sure seems like it, Yossi...), but I don't know... When you know you should go to sleep, your publishing priorities change.
I want to share a poem with you, but I don't feel in the mood now. Perhaps tomorrow.
I want to talk about friendships, especially the building and development. And how I've realized there could be a total stranger to me, somewhere halfway around the world (I'm pretty sure you can never actually be more than halfway around the world), who knows me more intimately than some of my close friends, because of this here blog.
This last idea is scary and welcoming at the same time.
One of my closest buddies got engaged, mazal tov. I could write about that. (You just did, Yossi! (I wish I didn't choose to make this an anonymous blog. That would have sounded a lot better if I had written, "You just did, Blank!" (With 'blank' referring to my last name, which would have been replacing the 'Yossi'. I hope you really did not need me to explain that to you. Oh well.)

Anyway, it appears I'm at the end of my post. And before I forget- )).