Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A hard bochurish quiz, 2

First, make sure to go back to the first few questions of this quiz, and let me know what you think the answers are, now that the comments are enabled again.

Here are a few more questions. Try to guess which answer a bochur would choose:

3. Would a bochur rather have a pair of solid black pants, or pants with a pinstripe?

A) Solid black. It draws less attention, and they can be worn for a week straight without invoking hygiene and laundry questions.
B) Pinstripes. These are classier. In the repressive world of the white-shirt-dark-pants uniform of yeshiva, this is the only way to express yourself and show your style.
C) It doesn't matter. Both. Neither. Whatever his mother buys him, that's what he'll wear.
D) Pinstripe. If the pants look a little nicer, he can get away with wearing them and his davening jacket on shabbos, and hope nobody realizes he isn't wearing a suit.

4. You see a bochur learning from a Dvar Malchus, but the cover is missing. Why is it missing?

A) Because of the high volume of usage over the week, the wear and tear, etc.
B) He stole it from another bochur, who had thought that by writing his name on the front, it would impede the very theft that has occurred.
C) It must have been a pink cover...
D) He was catching up on old Rambam from an earlier week (or month), and he didn't want others to notice it wasn't 'The Color of the Week.'