Sunday, December 27, 2009

Guess who?

Last week, I visited one of my camp directors from the past few summers.
He has a bunch of cute kids, ka"h, and his three-year-old twin girls had their birthday party in the summer. We called it their upsherinish.
Anyway, at his house, one of the twins went to her father with a Guess Who game board, with one character flipped up. She proudly showed it to her tatty, and explained in Yiddish how the girl in the picture looked exactly like her sister Shaina!
Rabbi B. just laughed and ruffled her hair.
After a moment, his daughter said (and I'll translate), "But with glasses." A moment later: "And with curly hair."

I was interested to see the picture of her twin sister, just with glasses and curly hair.

The girl in the picture perhaps would have looked like Shaina, without the glasses and without the curly hair, but maybe also if she wasn't black.
Just an observation.