Thursday, December 31, 2009

The American Dream

People all over the globe come to America pursuing the great American Dream.
In our yeshiva, we have a few South Africans, doing just that.

One boy had placed a target bag on top of the dryer.
Dryer heated up.
Bag heated up.
Red targets on the Target bag started running (not away, just around).
The South African protagonist placed his wet, laundered clothes on top of the dryer, in that awful limbo state before it would go into the dryer.
Said wet, laundered clothes came into contact with run red targets, and collided, causing the clothes to get red streaks.

The boy then called up Target, to complain about their bags.
When I pointed out to him that their usage might not include melting them and sticking them to clothes, he sat me down, got a far-away look in his eyes, and I could almost swear I saw a tear, as he told me, "This is America. I can complain about whatever I want, even if it's all my fault."

That is the American Dream!