Monday, November 30, 2009

Win Thousands of YossiPoints!!!

The Background: There is a famous question that will arise soon, for which many classical commentaries offer answers for. This question is known also as: "The question to which there are 100 answers."

The Question: What is this famous question? And how many answers do you know?

The Points:
  • If you are the first person who can correctly guess which question I am referring to, you receive 800 YossiPoints!!
  • For every other person to have the correct question, you get 300 YossiPoints!!
  • For every [logical, correct, maybe said somewhere else than in your own head] answer, you will receive 100 YossiPoints!! (And it is said that there are 100 answers!!!)
  • If you are a Follower, you automatically receive a 500 YossiPoint Bonus!!
  • If you can explain how the Rebbe answers this question, you get an additional 400 YossiPoints!!
Time Limit: Until Hey Teves!! Lots of time to think of the question, and then find lots of answers!!
Maximum Number of YossiPoints Available: You do the math! 100 answers X 100 points per answer, plus the 500 Follower bonus, plus the 800(or 300) for the question itself, plus 400 for the Rebbe's answer... = A Ton Of YossiPoints!!!

If nobody is figuring out what I'm talking about, maybe I'll give a hint for what the question is regarding...