Monday, November 2, 2009

Umbrellas Indoors

There is a superstition that you should not open an umbrella indoors.

I hope this does not apply for when it's raining indoors.
Especially for when it's raining nasty water from leaking pipes.
Especially when the dripping water is in the laundry room right near the washer and dryer.
It's so horrible when you do laundry, but your clothes get dirty again, a second after they are clean.

Therefore, I hid under an umbrella while trying with one hand to successfully launder my clothes, and then dry them.
If I had one of those umbrella hats, it could have been easier, with the free use of both hands.
It would cause more problems, however, if I would bend my head down, and then all the dirty water falling onto the umbrella would just roll off right onto my body.

Henceforth- it would not necessarily have been easier if I had an umbrella hat.
But that's not the moral. The moral is that I had to hold up an umbrella to do my laundry.