Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Train Tracks

There are some things that bochurim will say, that if you're not 'in the know', you'll be very confused. I made a list of some words and phrases that come to mind. If I think of more, I'll post them. I suggest you print this out and and stick a copy to your fridge. At home and at work. This way you can be prepared.

  • "Train Tracks": If you hear a bochur say he could see train tracks on another bochur's arm, this does not mean that he could see signs of drug abuse through needles. Instead, he is merely explaining that he saw marks from tefillin that the bochur put on for shacharis that morning.
  • Tank: This refers to an RV. We all know the true story of a bochur who called up Enterprise asking if they had any tanks.
  • "My building": A bochur who refers to 'his building' is not referring to any buildings he actually owns. It just means that he visits the doorman every friday and slips a Lchaim under the door of an office with the name Goldberg on the door.
  • "I see the light!": Calm down. Nobody got high, and everyone is still in their right state of mind. If you hear this, just skip tachanun in davening. It means somebody tall was able to see over the heads of the people in 770 and see that the light near the shtender at the front was on.