Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Thanksgiving Poem

I was always a little sketchy on the history of Thanksgiving. After careful research, I was able to get all the facts straight. I wrote the following poem, so I never forget all the important details:

Columbus set sail on the Mayflower; it was a dark and cloudy day,
Lots of Pilgrims were with him, looking for a place they could freely pray.

When they finally hit land, they were in for quite a shock-
It wasn't India, they found, but good old Plymouth Rock.

The natives were nice, and Squanto taught them how to plant their seeds,
Pocahontas gave them Manhattan, for some shiny looking beads.

With Columbus at their head, the Pilgrims started fighting against Great Britain.
In 1620, they won the war, and had the Constitution written.

They commemorated it with a long weekend, and the Black Friday shopping craze,
And guess what? A miracle happened. Their turkey lasted for eight days!