Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rivkah Got Gezhe

Rivkah married up. Big time. Yitchak was the biggest gezhe around. I mean, the Ivri name was legendary. Everyone knew how Yitzchak's dad was G-d's favorite, and miracles were always being wrought for the entire family. Yitzchak's father, along with his trusty sidekick Eliezer, beat into submission the most powerful and treacherous army of the era, the infamous "Four Kings Army", which had defeated opponents larger in number (the Five Kings Army).
Yitzchak was also known throughout the land as the holiest person alive, coming mere millimeters away from being a sacrifice, and showing an amazing level of Mesirus Nefesh.
What's more, the Ivri name brought with it incredible amounts of wealth. They were loaded, even after their refusal of Malki Tzedek's offer of spoils from the war.

Was Yitzchak the type of guy who was humble about his gezhe background?
Absolutely not. Eliezer carried with him the documents proving his Yichus and rights of inheritance to the whole Ivri dynasty.

And who did Yitzchak go for?


Rivkah was a rose among thorns. A 'diamond in the rough', if you will.
Her family was a bunch of no-goodnicks, and very far removed from G-dliness.
Yet Rivkah was a G-d-fearing tzadekes. She was Chassidish, and even though her last name brought murmurs and whispers, Yitzchak didn't care.
The gemara says that you must investigate into the girl's brothers. Rivkah's brother was a monster of a man. But Yitzchak didn't care.

He was gezhe, and made sure everyone knew it. But he looked past Rivkah's background, and into her heart.