Monday, November 9, 2009

More on Cholov Stam

I had written up a lengthy explanation about Chabad's view on non-Cholov Yisroel dairy products. You can read it here.

I wanted to add something interesting and actually extraordinary about R' Moshe's Heter for drinking Cholov Stam.

The Issur of eating Cholov Stam was made a long time ago by very competent Rabbanim. The only way to change this would be to make a Beis Din of Rabbis with even greater knowledge than the ones who started the Issur. This is pretty much impossible to do.

What R' Moshe Feinstein did was really an act of genius. Instead of saying that Cholov Akum is mutar (which most people assume was his Heter), he said that because of the government's tight regulations and restrictions on dairy products, with the Heter we can assume that the milk is like Cholov Yisroel (or stam. Just not Cholov Akum..)!!!! So he wasn't saying Cholov Akum is Kosher, he was saying that today's milk is not Cholov Akum. Genius!

(Of course, read my earlier post for why we don't hold of this heter. And I didn't mention it the first time, but R' Moshe said because of the possible financial fines from the government, this is enough to believe a dairy company would not substitute anything inside the milk. The problem is that the fine then was $25, and the possible profits even back then was much more....)