Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How Bochurish Are You?

Okay so I had a fun little idea for a post, but I got kind of lazy and impatient with it. I was thinking to not post it at all, but how selfish of me not to at least share the little bit I did write. Right?

Here's a test I put together, to see how Bochurish you are. Try to guess which answers a bochur would answer.

1. What makes your morning grand, and you just know it will be a great day?
A)You are not in the garbage.
B)You got a big fluffy towel at the mikveh.
C)Your driver was already waiting for you outside the estate.
D)Sleepy and Dopey brought you breakfast in bed.

2. Where do you keep cups?
A) Inside you.
B) In the refrigerator near the orange juice carton.
C) The maid always brings your drink in a glass.
D) Mrs. Potts and Lumiere keep Chip in the cupboard.

3. When do you know you've had too much to drink?
A) When you start to flatten out.
B) When you drunk dial your parents, and try hard to sound sober long enough to end the conversation.
C) When the butler complains the next morning about washing the master bathroom.
D) When you bang your head on the window, trying to let down your hair.

That's really what I had before losing interest on this earlier in the week.
Basically, I was going to put the answers in a different post that I'd link to. I don't know how to put text upside down in here. I have no clue if I can even do that with html.
But you would click on the link, and go to an old post of mine, and at the bottom it would say something like:
If you chose mostly A's, then you are a cardboard box.
If you chose mostly B's, then congratulations, you are very Bochurish.
If you chose mostly C's, most likely you are a millionaire.
If you chose mostly D's, then you are a Disney Princess, and you're taking the wrong quiz. The right one would be on Facebook: Which Disney Princess are you?

So that would've been the whole thing. Take what you can get, because I'm not planning to finish this.