Monday, November 2, 2009

Has Chivalry Died?

I say, no!
Today it was necessary for me to deliver flowers to someone who deserved them.
Since I don't grow my own flowers, I was required to purchase some.
I left (mimulo) with a slight emptier wallet, but carrying very pretty purple flowers.
As I walked down Albany, I was quite innocently emanating powerful waves of debonair-ishness.
Allow me to explain:
Today was laundry day (if you didn't yet read the last post). For most people, Laundry Day means that they wear their least favorite, most worn out clothes. While this is usually true, it didn't apply to me this week, at least for pants. You see, I don't feel the need to walk into zal every day like I'm on the catwalk. I'd rather wear nice looking comfortable pants than dressy ones that I'm worried about creases and spills.
So today I was wearing dressy pants. And once I'm wearing fancier pants, you think I wouldn't accessorize with nicer looking shoes? And once I'm wearing nicer pants and shoes, why wouldn't I make sure my shirt is tucked in?
So I did the Albany Walk (very similar to the Kingston Walk, yet still unique), with flowers in hand, and my dashing looks causing waves of energy to roll right off me, bending signposts and telephone polls.
Many a beholder stared with wide eyes, wondering who could possibly be the recipient of my favor.
It was fun, but I wasn't relishing the attention that much. I'm a shy guy, really.

And you know when you see someone carrying a present, or especially flowers, you just wonder- maybe it's for me?
I hated to see the dejection in all the eyes of the passerby as I continued to walk to my destination.

That's it. Story's over. I need to go learn now, so tootles.