Monday, November 9, 2009

A hard bochurish quiz

Here's a harder quiz than last time. Try to figure out which answer a bochur would choose.

1. It's 1 AM, and you must get up for Chassidus the next morning. Your bed is being used, however, to hold your huge pile of cleaned (and wrinkled) clothes that you finally took out of the dryer. It's dark in the room, since your roommates are sleeping already. What do you do?
A) Try to stuff as much of the laundry into your drawers, and carefully lay the rest of the clothes on a clean spot on the floor near your bed.
B) Turn on the light. Your roommates are heavy sleepers. Spend the next hour and a half to lazily and tiredly sort, fold and put your laundry away.
C) "Accidentally" fall asleep in your friend's bed. Hey, he should be back in the dorm, anyway, by now. It's his fault he fell asleep learning rambam, in zal.
D) Make sure there are no lumpy areas that would be hard for your back, and go to sleep surrounded/over/under your clean clothes.

2. It's 1 PM, Friday afternoon. You woke up quite recently, after a heavy farbrengen the night before, Leil Shishi. Shabbos starts at 4:15 PM. Your chavrusa is waiting impatiently for you, because your mivtzoim route takes about 2-2.5 hours to finish. When do you daven?
A) Do Rashi's on the subway ride, and Rabbeinu Tam's at 4:05 PM after mikveh (you get back to Crown Heights around 3:55)
B) Daven shacharis in Rashi's before you go on mivtzoim, and Rabbeinu Tam's on the subway, if you remember to bring them with you.
C) Cut your mivtzoim time, to finish and be back by 3:30 PM. Plenty of time then to daven shacharis in Rashi's and Rabbeinu Tam's.
D) How can you go on mivtzoim without chassidus? Learn an hour chassidus, then daven. Do mivtzoim on Kingston Ave. Let your chavrusa take care of the route himself.