Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Half Birthday and 400th Post Day!

That's right! Today is my half birthday. I'm now 21 and a half. Or 20 and six quarters.
And look! How coincidental is it that this is also my 400th post!!????

....Okay, so not very coincidental. I was trying for it a little bit, but it wasn't a hard stretch for me.

For my sister's half birthday last week, I got her flowers, candy and balloons.
Today for mine, she gave me a gift bag cut in half, and in it was: half of a cookie, half a candy bar, a half full can of pringles, half a bag of popcorn.... you get the idea.
And to receive it I had to walk halfway to meet her.

Cute, or pathetic?

(and since you can't comment, I'll assume you all would have said Adorable)

And make sure to read the post before this one about Guest Posting!

*Okay, so, um, for some reason I thought this was my 400th post. Now blogger is telling me that this was the 401st. Oh well.