Sunday, November 1, 2009


It's also important to have such great bubbies.
Today I went with my sister to visit our grandparents, in Philly.
Here are some sample conversations between us:
"So you think you're going to go to college, Yossi?" she asked me sweetly, both of us knowing quite well this was the hundredth time asking me.
"Oh, I'm not sure. Maybe."
"But this is your last year [of Yeshiva], right?" This was a valid question, because the past few years have already been my last years. Shiur Daled was my last year as a bochur in yeshiva. Shlichus was my last year in a yeshiva. This year smicha is my last year learning to get my ordination. Next year in 770 (if that's where I go) will be my last year learning before.... (ahem).
"Yes, this is my last year."
"So are you going to college next year?"
"I don't know if I'll even be going to college. I may become a Rabbi somewhere."
"Like where? You're not talking about someplace far, like Australia?"
"Australia would be really nice, actually. It could be somewhere like Cambodia, actually. Or the former Soviet Union. Or," I quickly added, to stop a storm from brewing, "I may go to college, but probably after I get married."
She liked the new change in direction, and asked me, "So what do you think you would study?"
"I don't know really. Possibly law," I told her, knowing with the college thing I just made it back onto her good side.
"Oh. There are lots of lawyers, you know..."
I laughed. Now even that wasn't good enough.

Before we left her house:
"Yossi, you're not going to put on your sweater?"
"We're just going out to the car, and it's not very cold out."
"It is cold. Put on your sweater."

That makes my heart smile every time. My grandmother telling me to put on a sweater because it's cold. If that's not the most classic bubby line....