Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fort Hood

I know I don't normally delve into current events so much, presuming that my blog is not your first stop on the internet when you're roaming for news.
I would like to comment just a shtickel about the massacre in Ft. Hood, if you'll bear with me.
Really I just wanted to point out one idea which struck me as very sad and depressing. This is besides, of course, the shm*ck's killing 13 people and wounding 31 others. (What letter is supposed to be substituted, Yossi??? I don't get it!)

I've been on military bases before. The feeling you get is a singular, overwhelmingly strong sense of American pride. The soldiers and officers are all there to serve one purpose: to protect America, including its citizens and ideals.
There could be evil tyrants and anti-Americans outside, in the world at large, but on the base, it was exactly that: a base. Just like in a game of tag. Base is where you are safe. Nobody can get you. You are with your allies.
A military base is where all the good guys huddle together, preparing to go fight wars against America's enemies. You didn't need to be scared of the enemy inside. Only from the outside.

Now that's changed. There are no longer clearly cut definitions of ally and foe. Even in their own military base, soldiers must watch their backs, and judge every word and action of their colleagues with suspicion.

The recognition that bases are possible targets has been around since December 7th, The Day That Will Live In Infamy, but now the threat could be from the inside.

That is what is saddening the most, in my opinion. The camaraderie and shared patriotism among the soldiers on any base has been shattered.