Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Becoming Rabbi Yossi

Drumroll... I passed my test! I'm part Rabbi.
Six of us were crammed into the little room at the back of 770, and for two hours we were questioned on all sorts of cases and halachas from Hilchos Melicha. We were all extremely nervous. We tried making it a friendlier atmosphere, so we stuck in some jokes here and there. For example, R' Labkowski was asking me a detailed question, and he told me, "I'm coming to you, asking you how I do _______". I said, "Well, you shouldn't be coming to me, because I don't have smicha yet."
We all laughed.

In the end, he told us we could have known it better. We could have told him that also. We learned everything on our own, and had very few shiurim.
He passed our group, with everyone getting a Memutza, which means average.
Two of us got Lemaila M'Memutza, which means better than average. I was on of those. (pssssh).
Next test is on Basar B'Chalav, which baruch hashem won't be for another two or two and a half months from now.

I was stressing out majorly before the test.

There are some times I wish I smoked. Last year on shlichus, there were a few times that I just needed a smoke, and I was jealous of guys that could take a cigarette and clear their minds and relax. Last night was the best time ever to start smoking, if any. I was pulling out my hair, trying to cram in hours of study.
Of course, I didn't take a smoke, and I ended up doing fine on my test.

So I'm gonna take a nap. I think I deserve one. I'll talk to ya'll fine folk some other time.
Peace out, trouts.