Monday, October 12, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Today I very much celebrated my old age. And six months late, too.
First, I visited Hagafen Winery in Napa Valley. I had visited a winery in Israel, before I was twenty one, but this was the first time after becoming a full-fledged adult.
Second, I visited a casino for the first time!
I really wanted to try the poker tables, but they had lots of chips out, and I didn't see any signs for a $4 dollar table.
Instead, I used the slots. It was very confusing, and I found it difficult to find a slot machine that I actually understood how the game worked. There were lots of flashing buttons you had to press, apparently at random, and/or in frustration.
Finally, I found my slot. And I won about twenty dollars at one point, and I walked away with fifteen bucks in my pocket that weren't there while I walked in.

As we were walking into the casino from the parking lot, a woman was walking out carrying a gray bag, and escorted by two security guards. They were obviously making sure she got to her car safely after winning a big payload. I heard her say she was going straight to CostCo to spend it. After claiming my winnings, I wistfully looked for some security guards to accompany me to my car. Especially after my 4 cent last big win. Later, I wondered if she was just an actor, and came around the parking lot every twenty minutes or so, to get the gamblers excited when they saw her....