Monday, October 5, 2009

What I learn in Yeshiva

Lots of people have a misconception about what Bochurim learn in Yeshiva.
A common example of this is Krias HaTorah.
Every time I would lein, when I came home from Yeshiva, people in my shul would come over and say, "Wow! You learned that in Yeshiva! Good for you.."
My "Well, no, actually they don't teach us that in Yeshiva" would always fall on deaf ears.

And you know what else they don't teach us in Yeshiva?
Obscure Israeli folk songs.

There is an Israeli man in my shul who always starts different songs in Hebrew, and looks to me to sing along.
I think my Israeli Song Repertoire is comprised of:
  • Mipee Kel
  • U'Shavtem Mayim B"Sasson, and
  • Yesh Lanu Tayish
"Don't they teach you anything in Yeshiva?"