Monday, October 5, 2009

Some Sukkah Secrets

Here's a little nifty kabbalastic lesson for you:

It says "B'Keseh L'Yom Chageinu", which is interpreted to mean that what is hidden at the beginning of Tishrei is revealed at the end of the month.
Meaning that on Sukkos is a revelation of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur.

On Rosh HaShana, the mitzva of the day is Shofar. The high level of Shofar comes down on Sukkos.
How do we see the Shofar on Sukkos?
In the Schach, of course!!
"Schach" is spelled with a samech and two chofs. The samech=60 times you blow tekiah, and the two chofs each are the 20 sounds of shvarim and truah.

And how through the schach do we see anything from Yom Kippur, you might ask?
Well, the Schach represents the cloud of smoke made from the ktores, or incense burning, from Yom Kippur.

Now you know.