Monday, October 26, 2009

New Square, New Square!

We spent most of today in New Square, at their slaughterhouse. We watched them go through the melicha process of kashering chickens.
We saw them roasting the livers, and we looked at all the gross parts of the inside of a chicken, like the spleen, bladder, and lungs.
The Rosh Av Beis Din of New Square came to the slaughterhouse to meet us and answer some shailos that we had while watching the kashering process. He actually intends to test us on melicha when we're ready, and he'll be another signature on our smicha.

Craziest part of the shlachthouse- the machines used to take off the feathers of the chicken. Imagine a car wash where the scrubbers were made of metal, and got way too close to you.
Dirtiest part of the shlachthouse- walking around in all the gross salt/blood/gooey/wet stuff on the floor.