Friday, October 16, 2009

Let There Be Light

Spoiler Disclaimer: If you plan to eat a meal with me this shabbos, this may be a spoiler of a possible Dvar Torah you may hear. Continue at your own risk.

The first of the creations was Light.
(Although some maintain that "Bereishis" is a Ma'amer of creation, so it comes before "Yehi Ohr", it is not one of the Asara Ma'amaros of the particulars of creations, it is the general Ma'amer...see footnotes to sicha in Chelek Yud.)
But this Light was taken away lest Evildoers benefit from it. Hashem will bring this Light back for Tzadikim to enjoy in the World To Come.

What is the point of creating something, just to take it away?
Obviously this was important for the world to have. It was, after all, the very first creation.
Also, why create it first? There were no people yet who needed to see anything.

We read that by every creation, Hashem said, "It was good." (But not every day. Only when the creation was completed. The waters on the second day were only completed on Day Three. See Rashi.)

The first time G-d uses the description 'good' is for the Light. He called it Good.
So every time the Torah says that Hashem saw the creations as Good, it is also [really] referring to the Light He had created already.

So this Light was created before anything else. And every day of creation it was there, at least in a hidden aspect.

The Rebbe explains that everything on this world is the way it is because of how things started in the Spiritual Realms. Therefore, the way a building developer plans and builds is actually because this is how He Who Built The World (this moniker for The Alm-ghty is not from the text of the sicha (you see how this post is built around disclaimers?)) built the world.

A person who builds anything does so for a purpose. He has a goal in mind, and intends to follow through with this purpose until the building is complete, and the goal is actualized.

Hashem created this world for one purpose: La'asois Lo Yisbarech Dirah B'Tachtoinim, to make this world a holier world. To make this world a World Of Light. For humans (and Jews in particular) to change the darkness and concealments of this physical world into Light.

That's why the Light was created and shown (and shone, also) at the beginning. This is the ultimate purpose. Throughout the rest of creation, the purpose is only hinted to, with Hashem calling each one Good.
Only when we finish our mission here, and reveal the world's ultimate purpose of creation, will the Light come back, and give enjoyment to Tzadikim.
And it's not only that Hashem will bring back the Light, but more so that we will have revealed it here the whole time.

Finally, this is why the Hebrew word for light: Ohr, is the gematria of "Raz" meaning secret.
Seemingly, 'light' and 'secret' not only have different meanings, but are opposites. A secret is something hidden, concealed, and dark.
Now it is understood. Throughout the world's existence, Light is secret. It is hidden in creation.

It is up to us to learn as much Torah as possible, and do as many Mitzvos as possible, to make this world a Dirah B'Tachtoinim for Hashem.

It's time we finished our job and let the 'secret' out!!