Monday, October 26, 2009

Lech Lecha Quiz

Okay, I'm giving you guys plenty of time for this week's quiz, and to come up with some good answers. Last week I needed to make a bonus quiz because nobody got the first one.
For some odd reason, you seem to do better when questions are based on factual items which you can research about, than when I'm asking you to read my mind about some game I once played 12 years ago. Huh.

The Question:
The parsha of Lech Lecha starts off with G-d appearing to Avraham (but of course when he was still called Avram). The Torah does not mention anything about Avraham's life prior to this time. After all, there were some great stories with Avraham, and ones that are meaningful for us. Like how he recognized the existence of G-d all on his own. Or how he had mesirus nefesh to be thrown into Nimrod's furnace for Kiddush Hashem. None of this is mentioned in the Torah. Why? Also, we see in regards to Noach, the Torah describes how righteous he was. The Torah does not say anything like this about Avraham to explain how he merited G-d's visit. Why not?

The Points:
Any good answer you give will get you 100 YossiPoints!
Of course, if you are a follower, you also get an automatic 50 Point Follower Bonus!

That's all. And remember: Shivim Panim L'Torah, so there is an unlimited amount of YossiPoints you can receive!!

Good luck, and the deadline is L'chura before Shabbos.