Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bonus Noach Quiz

Since nobody won the 200 YossiPoints from the Quiz earlier this week, I have decided to give a limited time edition Bonus Noach Quiz.

But since this is a Bonus Quiz already, there are no Bonus points. Not even for being a follower! Gosh!Gasp!Gulp!

You get 5o YossiPoints for any plausible answer, but 100 for the answer I'm looking for.

The Question:
At the end of the Parsha, the people decide to build one big city in the valley of Shinar, and a tower to go with it.
G-d sees this and punishes them by dispersing them throughout the lands, and changing the language they spoke into many different languages.

What was so bad with what they did? Why did the Tower Of Babel ignite Hashem's fury so much, to be punished in such an extreme manner?
The Torah says that they said at the time of building, "So that we will make for ourselves a name, lest we be spread across the land"- which happened anyway as a punishment. But what was so bad?

Good luck, and I'll try to post the answer before Shabbos, so you can have something to say on shabbos and impress your friends.