Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Tatty Y

From my limited exposure to the grand world of rap, I've noticed that most rappers speak about how they're better than everyone else (richer, stronger, more girlfriends, more times shot, better rapper...). This got me thinking- what if a rapper would rap about how bad he was? This led me even further, to compose this rap for you guys:

Yo! It's me again: Big Tatty Y from the hood,
Sorry for makin' ya'll listen to my stuff- it ain't very good.

I mean, I'm a'ight, but some homeys are even bettuh,
Ask me 'bout my name, and I'll tell you it's a crooked lettuh!

I like to rap, but I ain't good at puttin' words togethuh,
I think I'll go down, as the "Worst Rapper Evuh".

I'm no gangsta, every song on this cd is full of shiste,
I was never shot, I wasn't in jail, and I could never pull off a bank heist.

If ya'll bought my cd- you're a loser, yo! Demand your money back!
Ambition I got, B, it's just talent that I lack.

Here's the truth, do somethin bettuh than listen to me rap, dawg,
Like check out A Bochur In Lubavitch, that's one off-the-hizzel cool blog!