Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Answer to Pointless Quiz

The Question was:
Which game gives me the most anxiety, and stresses me out the most?

Your answers:
Boggle, bananagrams, ping pong, buck buck, the wind, shidduchim, the game of life, any team game, monopoly and minesweeper on a laptop.

The real answer:
The game with the crocodile teeth where you switch off with your opponent guessing which tooth won't cause the crocodile to snap down on your fingers.

I hate that game the most.

Nobody got the 200 YossiPoints, but some of you got points for being odd numbered comments. There were no odd comments, and I don't know all of you, but some may receive the 10 points for being odd, in general. Followers, of course, received the automatic 50 YossiPoint bonus.

Thanks for playing. Add up your points, and watch for the next chance to win big!