Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Visiting Kivrei Tzadikim Before Rosh Hashana

It is a minhag yisroel to visit kvarim before Rosh Hashana.
There is a great sicha, which I can't find right now, in which the Rebbe explains that when you go to the Ohel, it actually has the din of eretz yisroel (and possibly the beis hamikdash? I learned this sicha years ago), because of the tunnels that tzadikim will be using to roll to yerushalyim for techias hameisim...
So tomorrow morning I'll IY"H be going to the Ohel, to daven for the Rebbe's brachos for this new year. Especially for those who need refuah sh'lamahs, like someone very close to me: Rochel Bas Chana, (if you could add in some tehillim, I would definitely appreciate it!).

Going to the ohel and laying my soul bare.
Relinquish my problems into the Rebbe's care.
I rip up my Pan, and whisper my prayer.
There is a spirituality encompassing me, I am aware.