Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tes Vov Elul Farbrengen

Happy Birthday everyone!
Tes Vov Elul is the chassidishe birthday for all Tmimim, since this is the day that Tomchei Temimim was established.
We had a seuda in yeshiva, and Rabbi Leibel Altein and Rabbi Paltiel farbrenged. (Paltiel is going to have a separate one later tonight at 11:00, so stop by if you want to be inspired.)

Here are two small stories about the Freidiker Rebbe that Rabbi Paltiel shared:
There was a construction project in Lubavitch, and the Rebbe Rashab passed by his son, the Freidiker Rebbe, and saw that he was staring out the window, watching the work on the building.
Later, the Rebbe Rashab told his son the following: "It's better to be on the outside, looking in, than on the inside and looking out."

When the Freidiker Rebbe came to America, during one of his talks to the yeshiva bochurim, he told them it was true that these bochurim knew more chassidus etc. than earlier talmidim back in Europe, but he told them, "But you smell! I can't stand you to be in my daled amos. You have the midos ra'os of America..."

The last story, it really isn't right for you to hear it from me, and not from Rabbi Paltiel, who was able to explain what it meant, etc. So don't take it the wrong way.