Sunday, September 13, 2009

Slichos in the washing machine

Last night was slichos in the washing machine. As if you couldn't read the title of my post.
770 was packed to the breaking point with thousands of chassidim. I was standing, squished up between many others, on the side, closer to the entrance to 770, but still not under the Vaiber shul. Throughout slichos, hundreds of people managed to elbow, squeeze and push by us and into the rest of the washing machine. It was miraculous how so many people could fit.
About the washing machine, I heard last night at a farbrengen that a yungerman who had gotten married recently went to the Rebbe to ask for help for certain aveiros (Ch"n, if you have to know), and the Rebbe told him (as a tikkun) to go stand with the bochurim by tekios, in the washing machine. The Rebbe of course didn't call it the washing machine, but that's really the best name for it.
Before this story, we all thought it was called the washing machine because of the flow of bochurim all pushing one way, and then the other, in angry circles. Of course, you also sweat a lot and get a deep rinse cycle.
But the Rebbe pointed out a spiritual rinse cycle that you can get out of this washing machine, also.