Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Shlichus and smicha

My shlichus here in yeshiva is to be a dugma chaya, and I learn chassidus with bochurim during both morning and night sedarim, for three hours total. The rest of the day is devoted to learning smicha. That's almost seven hours of poring and pondering over the Shulchan Aruch, usually only turning the page once or twice a day. On the page there are the Shach, and Taz, and Pri Megadim, and R' Akiva Ager, and others. Plenty to keep a man busy.
At night I'm the dorm counselor, which keeps me up usually until about 1:00 AM. Any later I may stay up is my own problem, and I can't blame on my job.
Baruch Hashem, this year in Chovevei there is a solid group of bochurim. 40 good kids here in zal, plus another ten shluchim.
Anyone who still chooses oholei torah over us is a coward, in my humble opinion. We've got better maggidei shiurim and better mashpi'im. And now we have all good bochurim.
And we've got some pretty awesome shluchim that are soon-to-be rabbis.