Sunday, September 13, 2009

I just want to be your Friend

I have been trying since last week to get in touch with somebody from Friendship Circle, in order to volunteer.
I had walked into the museum, and the only person I saw with some sort of authority or knowledge of Museum inner workings was the security guard.
"Excuse me, who can I speak to about volunteering for Friendship Circle?"
"Well. I don't get too many of those any more..." and he gave me a phone number to call.
I left a message on the cell phone of the woman in charge, and on the office phone of the her husband who is also in charge.
Today, after walking back from the blood donation, I walked into the museum again, and there was somebody in the front.
She was surprised nobody called me back yet. I replied that I was, too, and that's why I was there, asking her to help me. She gave me yet another office number to call, and I left a message there, also.

I couldn't donate blood (to a homo sapien), and I can't even be a Friend!
I just want to do some good. Sheesh.