Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to give yourself a present

Here's what you do if you want to give Future You a present.
When you're doing Rambam on any day, if you have the extra twenty minutes (assuming you learn 1 Perek B'Iyun, or 3 Prakim not B'Iyun), then learn the next day's Rambam, also.
This way, when Tomorrow You picks up his Dvar Malchus and speeds through the Chumash part (Vzos HaBracha is easy, as was Ha'azinu last week), and flips to the Rambam section, he'll smile, chuckle, and perhaps even shake his head in disbelief, at the kind present he just received from Yesterday You, or Past You.

I got the idea from my Yesterday Me. Or would it be my Yesterday You? Anywho, I had forgotten I already had learned today's Rambam, and I got an unexpected little gift from my Yesterday Me. You. Whatever.