Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How can you be a Rabbi???

This summer, my bunk was made up of modern orthodox and orthodox kids.
They all said Yigdal before davening.
I had them continue to say it when I davened with them every morning, but I never got all the words.
They all knew that by next summer, I would be a Rabbi, IY"H.
One boy asked me, "How can you be a Rabbi if you don't even know Yigdal by heart?"

Of course, I didn't explain to him that thousands of Lubavitchers have smicha, but that doesn't mean they are still frum or know any halachos, or know parts of non-lubavitch tefilos by heart.
(Ha'arah: Rabbi Chazanow in Manalapan has his congregation say Yigdal. He said that chossidim sang it in front of the Rebbe.)