Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Game of Life, part 2

My Life is not a game.
It therefore cannot be lived as such.
I cannot leave my future uncertain and ill-prepared for. I must make decisions for how I will lead my life- this year, next year, and the next 50 years.

This leads me all to big decision facing me this year. I don't know if I can push it off any longer.
Mashipi'im say mostly that every bochur should just stay in the system. Don't worry about later. Focus your entirety now in being a Yeshiva Bochur.

I'm afraid to say that 'later' is fast approaching. My years I had left in the system and being a Yeshiva Bochur have turned into months and weeks. It was even a triumph to continue being a Yeshiva Bochur for this current year. Baruch Hashem, I'm learning all day in a Yeshiva, and I'm not in a Smicha Program.

So here's the question:
Ba'al HaBus, or Shliach?
College graduate or General in the Rebbe's Army?
Live my life as I think I want it, or give my life over for the Rebbe? And not just for the Rebbe, for all Yidden? For the world?

My mashpi'im have told me that a bochur should not go to college. Even if you are not planning on going out on Shlichus, at least wait until you are married. This helps in a few ways. First of all, there are huge obstacles and nisyoinos with pritzus and tznius v'chulu vd"l. Second of all, whether you like it or not, going to a college partly defines you. Among your friends, and looking for a shidduch, etc., you'd be "The guy who is in college", and not "a chassidishe bochur who happens to be in college".
(Click on this guy here to read about how somebody didn't get a college education because the Rebbe said not to, and he's trying to make a parnash now and....well, you can just read it yourself.)

To wait until after I'm married to just start college? How would I support my family for the first years of my marriage? Picking up pennies from the sidewalk and going fountain diving for nickels can only get you so far.
Which means the other option is to start taking courses online, which could put you closer to finishing college and starting your career, at a year or two after marriage, and not four.

Of course, why take courses if you will be a Shliach? Instead sit and learn more, or most likely, go help a shliach somewhere and try not to fry out before you can find a shidduch? (That was obviously a sarcastic and cynical line. I learned from the Rosh, remember. To stress a point, you want to exaggerate and provide extreme examples.)

This post is getting long, even after I split it up.
If I write a part 3, it will come much later, and probably under a different title.