Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Festival of Crocs

That's right, Yom Kippur is almost upon us.
Well, for most of you it's about to start.
I've still got time to polish up my Leining (that's right. In the end I'm helping out a shliach. Luckily it's just the kriah, but still, I hadn't done that before so I had to learn the different high-until-your-voice-cracks-at-least-once trup.) and fill my stomach with kreplach and chicken.

I was planning to write a witty puff piece about Yom Kippur and crocs, but I'll probably have to post it tomorrow night.

Anywho, I wish everyone a meaninful fast.
We should have all been judged favorably already from Rosh Hashana time, but for sure by now.
This year, Hashem should make all of us Happy, with revealed goodness.

Finally, I'll ask for forgiveness for anyone that I may have offended or troubled, and I offer my fullest mechila for anyone who slighted me.