Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chai Elul Farby

Our yeshiva went to Boro Park to hear Rabbi Leibel Posner farbreng. Here are some of the stories he shared with us:
The Rebbe started to farbreng on Shabbos Mevorchims. Many times the Rebbe would take something and show how we can learn a Hora'ah from it for Avodas Hashem. He was speaking to college students, and brought up the following theorem in geometry: A circle's radius will be able to create an equilateral hexagon, inscribed within the circle. The Rebbe asked: How can it be that a diameter can only fit in the circle one time, but half of a diameter, a radius, is able to fit around six times!? It should only be two...
We can learn out that the six days of the week are only complete with Shabbos, and so, too, Shabbos is only whole (a whole circle) when it comes after six week days.

Rabbi Posner was trying to explain yiddishkeit to a fry person, but everything from Tanya, etc. didn't seem to be having an effect on him. In yechidus, the Rebbe told Rabbi Posner to try explaining it to him in the following manner: A person can dream about an elephant, even though it is in Africa. A person can also dream about a subway, which is here in Brooklyn. In the dream, he can even imagine the elephant riding on the subway. However, if a person has never seen an elephant, than he couldn't possibly dream about it in a subway. So, too, the fact that we can even think about the concept of Hashem, proves His existence.

Rabbi Posner's was the first wedding that the Rebbe was Mesader Kiddushin at. Normally, the Rashag was honored with Seder Kiddushin, and the Rebbe would be honored with the first few sheva brachos. But at his wedding, the Rashag wasn't able to come, so the Rebbe was honored with everything. That's how the custom started for the one to be mesader kiddushin to also have the kavod of making the sheva brachos.

The Freidiker Rebbe told Rabbi Posner that when he goes out and meets people, it is important to see their ma'alois, but he cannot over look their chesronos, either. He must look at their ma'alois in Oisios Ravirivin (big letters from a sefer torah) and view their chesronos in oisios zeirin

Why does 770 start shacharis at 10:00AM on shabbos?
Normally on shabbos mevorchim, tehillim started at 7:00 AM, and shacharis was at 9. One shabbos mevorchim, they couldn't get a minyan at 7, so they had to start at 8, and therefore shacharis was at 10, and that's how it stayed.