Sunday, September 13, 2009

At least I'm saving rabbits????

I tried to donate blood today.
When I sat down, the nurse asked me since I've done it before, if my right arm was normally used. I told her that sometimes they had to switch to my left arm.
"We'll just try your right," she told me. As if she didn't care about needless needle pokings.
I like to get to know my doctors a little better, so I asked her how long she's been taking blood.
"About six years," she answered. "And how long have you been doing this?"
"About two," I told her.
"That's not long enough...You know, it's kind of rude to ask a person giving you a ride in his car, how long he's had his license..." she laughed.
"I just wanted to make sure you weren't new at this..." And with that, we developed that rare blood taker/blood giver relationship normally only achieved in novels.
Of course, after poking around for ages, and pushing the needle as far as it could go, they realized my blood wasn't coming out fast enough, and they had to switch to my left arm.
"How much blood did you get from my right arm?"
"Oh, a little bit. Maybe for a baby.....A tiny baby," she corrected herself. "Actually, maybe a rabbit."
"A rabbit!?!?!? Oh, no! You better not write that on the bag. Please put that for a baby..."
She just chuckled.
So I changed seats, and hoped my left arm would release its blood at a good flow.
After another painful five minutes, the sad truth came out about my blood flow.
I'm a slow bleeder. They said it would take over 25 minutes to fill the pint. I begged that I didn't mind sitting there for that long, but they have a 20 minute policy.
I was so bummed. I was also really sore, in both arms now.
"Well, at least I tried, right? A for effort?"
"Honey, you get an A+ for effort!! What color do you want for your bandage?"
"It doesn't matter," I told her, dejected.

"So, I'm a slow bleeder. I guess that's good for bicycle accidents, but bad for blood donations..."
All she could do was nod in sympathy.
"I've given before, a bunch of times. It normally takes a while..."
"Sure it does. Don't worry about it."

But I did, and I do. Now my hard earned and high valued blood is going to a poor rabbit going to the hospital for a blood transfusion...